Water Tank & Pipeline Cleaning
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Water Tank & Pipeline Cleaning

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CLEAN FORCE is a Safe Scientific Concept to clean and disinfect Drinking Water Storage tanks that involve an 8-stage cleaning process using imported equipment and proprietary Anti-bacterial agents that are safe, effective and eco-friendly. As compared to conventional tank cleaning, CLEAN FORCE ensures faster cleaning for even the most neglected tanks. The entire process takes just about 1-2 Hours of cleaning time for an average capacity of up to 50,000 liters which keeps the tanks safe and healthy for the next 90 days.


Our Basic Steps of Water Tank Cleaning:
Step 1: The area surrounding the tank and top of the tank is cleaned.
Step 2: Removing harmful gases from the water tank.
Step 3: Water and sludge are drained out from the tank using a sludge pump.
Step 4: Manual scrubbing of the tank is done to remove the dirt, sediments, fungus & stains.
Step 5: Applying Hydrogen Peroxide to allover the tank which works as bleaching agent, oxidizer and anti septic for disinfection.
Step 6: Walls, ceiling, and floor of the tank are washed using a high-pressure jet.
Step 7: Deep cleaning is done to ensure that all the dirt is sucked out.
Step 8: Using Ultra Violate light to kill bacteria in the last turn.



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